Q: What are your terms and conditions?
A: Click Here to view our terms and conditions.

Q: Does it cost anything to join your program?
A: No, you can join for free with access to our viral list builder, down line builder, basic marketing guide, promotional material, and one free list building auto responder.

Q: Do you sell pro memberships?
A: No. We sell only premium services.

Q: What payment processors do you accept?
A: We accept Payza, Solid Trust Pay, and we take credit and debit card via our own merchant account.

Q: What products or services do you offer?
A: You receive access to an array of products and services that are listed on our Services page.

Q: You have an affiliate program. Do free members earn?
A: Yes. Free members can earn commissions from their direct referrals who upgrade to pro or any customers they refer who purchase products or services.

Q: How much can a premium member earn?
A: Members who are purchasing premium services can earn commissions from any customers or pro members they directly refer to UIO. Premium members can also earn company paid bonuses based on the sales of premium services of their direct referrals Unlimited Income Organization. This is explained on the Affiliates page.

Q: How fast will I make money?
A: We cannot guarantee how fast you will earn. This will depend on how many people you refer to the program, and wether or not they refer. Remember, this is not a get rich scheme. It could take some time to build a long term income. We have in place a step by step plan that will help you build your income, but it wont happen over night, this is unrealistic.

Q: How often can I withdraw my commissions and when do you pay them?
A: You can request commissions as often as you like, but the minimum withdraw is $5. We pay to Payza and Solid Trust Pay on the second and last Friday of the month, or by check to members in the United States once a month.

Q: Can I cancel my recurring subscription at anytime?
A: Yes. To cancel your subscription via Payza or Solid Trust Pay by simply logging to your account and cancel. If you paid via credit or debit card or, contact us at with the last 4 digits on your card to cancel it.

Q: Where is your company located and who owns it?
A: We are located in Falling Waters WV, USA. It is owned and operated by MTE Enterprises. Contact us anytime at PO Box 842, Falling Waters, WV 25412 United States of America 304-820-6013.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Unlimited Income Org opened March 2012. We have been in business as MTE Enterprises since 2006 and run several successful programs online.

Join us live 4 days a week at our web casts. Here is our schedule:

Monday at 7pm EST
Thursday at 6pm EST
Friday at 7pm EST
Saturday at 10am EST

Visit us here:

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